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As of 22-Nov-2021 ---- Safe Management Measures (SMMs) for solemnizations and wedding receptions

For in-person solemnizations, the following limits continue to apply:

  • For solemnizations in the ROM/M Building: max of 10 attendees (including the Bride and Groom).

  • For solemnizations in a place of residence: max of 10 attendees or 5 visitors, whichever is higher (this includes the wedding couple but excludes the Solemnizer and vendors engaged to provide authorized services for the solemnization.)

  • For solemnizations at external venues, including places of worship: please refer to table below, or the safe capacity of the venue, whichever is lower.

*Note: Where VDS is required, it means that checks must be implemented to ensure that every attendee a) has a valid PET negative test result; or b) is fully vaccinated i.e. has received the appropriate regimen of World Health Organisation's Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL) vaccines including their respective duration post-vaccination for the vaccine to be fully effective, and had their vaccination records ingested in MOH's national IT systems; or c) has recovered from COVID-19 with a valid PET exemption notice for the duration of the event; or d) is a child aged 12 years or below; or e) is certified as medically ineligible (with effect form 1 December 2021).

The bride and groom must use either face masks or face shields throughout the solemnization ceremony. They may remove their masks or face shields for key moments of the solemnization, which includes the exchanging of vows and rings, kiss between the couple, and during march-ins/outs. However, the bride and groom must maintain a 2 metres distance from the rest of the attendees of the solemnization whenever masks or face shields have been removed. All other attendees must wear their masks throughout the solemnization. Masks may be removed momentarily for photo-taking and must be worn immediately after photos are taken. Up to 10 individuals are allowed to unmask when engaged in public speaking for solemnizations in external venues (i.e. in venues excluding place of residence and the ROM/M building), as well as for wedding receptions, while maintaining a distance of at least 2 meters from the audience. The unmasked individuals must maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from each other unless the individuals are members of the wedding party. The following special provisions for weddings will take effect from 22 November 2021, subject to safe distancing measures (i.e. maintain a safe distance of 2 meters from the audience):


Safe Management Measures (SMMs) for solemnizations and wedding receptions. Registry Of Marriages.

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