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Wheat Straw Eco-Friendly Biodegradable BPA Free Utensils


All new Wheat Series is the latest trend in customised gifts for mugs, water bottles, food containers, and cups. Made from sustainable wheat straw material, all products from our wheat series of gifts is 100% BPA free. This means that there are absolutely no artificial materials used in manufacturing. Not only are the bottles and food containers safe to use, they are environmentally friendly bio-degradable wheat material. Let’s all start to do our part for Mother Earth and start gifting environmentally friendly gifts.


Utensils such as cutlery, cups, water bottles, and food containers made from wheat material are well known to be extremely durable, unbreakable, and dish washer safe. Their sturdy construction ensures they can survive any accidental knocks or drops, especially when compared to typical ceramic containers. This makes them an ideal fit for entertaining, whether you’re inside or out.


Gift a gorgeous set of wheat material made utensils or cutlery for the recipient of this gift to enjoy a long-lasting and durable gift. Enjoy cold or warm beverages all day long whether you are outside playing a sport, at school or inside at work all day with a wheat material bottle.

It fits comfortably in the cup holder in your car, the water bottle holder on your bicycle, or the water bottle pouch on your backpack, or wherever you want it to go. BPA and Phthalate free, food grade wheat material, healthy water, healthy life, you will love it yourself and want to give it to family and friends.


Start going green by using a reusable BPA free wheat material food container and bottle to store drinks and food for your daily travels. At your workplace, our beautifully coloured wheat material utensils will look awesome on any workstation.


Material: Wheat Straw Material


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Portable Eco-Friendly Sustainable Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

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